Die, world, die



He’s killing us. No joke.

Fight for your planet. Fight for your life.


Rhetorical Tweet


Framed Tweets

Dear Mr President,


Word from California.





This is the simple truth this afternoon:

America is being held hostage by an unqualified and unhinged Donald Trump, by his unwavering voters (maybe a third of the electorate), and by the lock-step Republican Party. America is being held hostage by terrorists.

It's one thing to vote for this guy because you hate Hillary Clinton so much, it's one thing to vote for him in protest and frustration, but it's another thing to stick with him now. If you can't see this after today’s press conference and after the past three weeks of his Presidency, the United States of America is YOUR hostage, too; YOU are a terrorist, too.

This country is being stressed and tested in ways it has never been stressed and tested, maybe closer to a true existential crisis than even I am able to see or admit this morning. But we *are* in a moment of crisis.

Resistance is patriotism. The stakes are too high to be on the wrong side of this.

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Going Down





Women's March | San Francisco




Pussy grabs back in San Francisco tonight, with marches in Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Berlin, and 600 more around the world offering a noisy rebuke to the installation of King Donald the Worst.

Past and Future, Tense


It is done.

Buckle your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.


Less than an hour after Trump took the oath of office today, the White House’s webpage on climate change disappeared. The site's Issues tabs on LGBT rights and civil rights are also gone.

Erasing the past, erasing the future.

Photograph: Dominick Reuter | Getty Images | Trump Tower, January 16 2017


IMG_9032 copy

Team Trump


Know Your Republican Ghouls: Matt Lubchansky

An American Tragedy

The light has gone out in America. It is darkness now.

Donald Trump is the President-Elect.


So this is how
they felt in 2008. How the fuck did they survive it?


She blew it. Hillary Clinton fucking blew it. We all blew it, too, I know, in a bazillion tiny ways, but mostly it was her, first and foremost, and the Democratic Party leadership.

And it was WikiLeaks. And the Russians. And the FBI. And the Republicans’ suppression of minority voters (this includes SCOTUS scuttling the Voting Rights Act). And Johnson & Stein. And industrial automation and Ross Perot’s Giant Sucking Sound and the hollowing of the American middle class and a resurgent American anti-intellectualism. And the Electoral College.

And it was the 60 million people who voted for Trump. And the 79 million registered voters who didn’t bother to vote at all this year.


Feeling a compulsion to tidy up, to clean and fix everything around me, to take care of everything I've been avoiding and putting off. Feels like it's time to start putting my affairs in order.


Buses are running, traffic lights are working, toilets are flushing, key fits in the lock of my office door, law of gravity appears to still apply. Numbly surprised.


Just breathe.


An email early this morning from high school pal Philip Vaughn, 25+ years an ex-patriate, a husband and father living in Sweden:


Vestigial Majorities


Election Day 2016 #3


Eye Of The Liar

And a mouth indistinguishable from an asshole.

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Dump Truck Art








Trump TV Again

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 3.18.59 PM

This short piece speaks directly to why, from the get-go of this TrumpTV speculation, I haven't bought any of it. Maybe it's his son-in-law's dream but it doesn't jibe with the Trump we know: 1) he’s too cheap (and maybe not wealthy enough) to self fund and it would be an investment inherently too volatile for serious outside investors, 2) his attention span is too short to give the project the energy required to make it a success, and 3) I can't see him exposing himself to the possibility of bad ratings that he can't blame on anyone else.

My guess: if he loses, Trump will become a part-time Fox goon and a full-time Twitter goblin. Grim.

A Future Hell Foretold


In 1999 Garry Trudeau imagined a Donald Trump political campaign, 16 years before Donald Trump launched his campaign for the Presidency. A prescient depiction of Donald Trump, a prescient indictment of the complicit press.

Art v Trump


Make America Great Again | Illma Gore | pastel based pencils, and oil paint on paper | 2016


Trump 3.0


The deep simmering theory on the left (and maybe even in some pockets of the right) today is that Trump originally entered the campaign last year with absolutely no intention of winning the Presidency or even the nomination, that his original play was simply, in the guise of a Perot-esque protest candidate, to bathe in the national spotlight, wallow in front page headlines, and take it all as far as he could as he stoked his ego and enhanced the Trump brand. The end game of this loser strategy, these theorists say, is the eventual creation and launch of a Trump media combine of online (think breitbart.com, think Stephen Bannon), print (son-in-law’s New York Observer), and broadcast (think Trump News, think alt Fox News, think Roger Ailes). He loses, yeah, but he wins HUGE, and that that was the plan all along.

With Trump I think it is a dangerous waste of time to read between the lines or look for any ulterior motives. We would all be best advised to take him and his campaign at face value, to take them as seriously as cancer and battle them accordingly. Simple as that.

My take: Trump and his ego entered the race because he saw an opportunity to win the ultimate prize/crown in this country. He was right and through the primaries he kept succeeding, all the way to the Republican nomination. Now that he finds himself one-on-one with Clinton and within striking distance of beating her (or, maybe better said, within striking distance of being within striking distance of beating her) he’s finally pivoting because he was losing and because he wants to win. He wants to win.

I think Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to this country and to our democracy, and I know that he and his campaign must be buried in a landslide of epic proportion. I don’t buy that he wants to lose. I don’t buy that his campaign is doomed. To believe otherwise, to at all entertain this hidden agenda twaddle is to, quite literally, court an unimaginable national catastrophe.

Year of The Trump


My thoughts on the 2016 Republican National Convention just ended:

A dangerous dangerous guy with lunatic ideas, especially about women and science. He looks like Race Bannon from the Jonny Quest cartoon series.

The plagiarism was amusing and telling of a wobbly campaign leadership (especially the way in which they handled the aftermath cough cough coverup). But who cares? Ooops and move on, there’s nothing to see here, folks.

The Trump Kids
Donald Jr and Eric look like the Menendez brothers to me and ooze that same creepy vibe, plus Donald Jr is a repugnant big game hunter asshole who poses next to the dead elephant while holding its severed tail, so I’m obviously predisposed to despise them. Even so, they delivered perfectly fine speeches and the crowd loved them.

My nickname for Ivanka is TNT (‘Teeth ’n Tits’). She got the job done, too. Her dress looked off the rack, though. Sad.

I must have missed the other daughter, the one who doesn’t look like Maria Sharapova.

Barron looks like Damien from The Omen. Seriously.

Christie & Giuliani
Malignant opportunists. Pus sacks with legs.

Celebrity Speakers

I’m not going to write anything snarky about Scott Baio and Company because I’m probably going to be just as embarrassed by the celebrity speakers in Philadelphia next week. Suffice to say, it was a weak and odd lineup.

Ted Cruz
I’m giving simultaneous kudos and dope slaps to the Trump campaign leadership for letting Ted Cruz speak at all, much less on Thursday night, a very gracious miscalculation on their part. They could easily have just shut him out, probably should have, but I think they were desperate and self-deluded that they could turn him—until it was too late.

I’m giving props to Ted Cruz for sticking to his code of honor and his [insane and dangerous] set of ideas, and I’m giving him a HUGE benefit of the doubt that he knew exactly what he was doing, that his calculation is either to pick up the atomized pieces of a defeated and destroyed Republican Party on November 9 or strike out on his own with an independent theocratic third party movement. Otherwise, it was a kamikaze job all the way.

Trump’s Speech
Gotham City dark and unapologetically demagogic. The cornerstone law and order theme seems like a complete miscalculation, a self-serving reading of the moment that isn’t based in reality, but continued terrorist outbursts foreign and domestic could make it work. As a speech you’d really have to say it was too dark and too loud and too long and too late in the evening but, hey, I didn’t quit watching it and I doubt if anyone else did, either.

The Bottom Line
The media and the political establishment are calling the convention a trainwreck and a dumpster fire because the Trump machine didn’t have it on total lockdown, didn’t have it 100% under control. I don’t buy it. Trump supporters don’t care. John Q Public doesn’t care. The media and the political establishment are the only ones who care that the Trump campaign leadership is wobbly. It’s not an issue. No fistfights equals a successful convention in the Year of The Trump.

RBG v Trump


Donald Trump must have really pissed off Justice Ginsburg a few weeks ago with his comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel. She took it as an assault on the judiciary. She took it personally. Rightfully so, you’d think.

Of course she’s right about Donald Trump. And of course she shouldn’t have said it publicly. And of course Donald Trump responds by Tweeting that she is “mentally shot” and should resign. Of course of course of course.

What’s interesting, though, is that the Right isn’t losing its mind over this and going nuclear on her ass. No virtual pitchforks and flaming torches, no concerted outcry from the Republicans, no calls for Congressional hearings, no Fox News meltdown, no nothing. Barely a whimper.

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